Light on Psych

Treya Derrington,  Psychologist and Psychotherapist

Therapy with depth

                Therapy and counselling services provided to people of all ages,

                         and with a wide range of presenting issues.

                I have over 30 years of experience in therapy, counselling and 

                                    clinical assessment. 


    I am experienced in helping to deal with anxiety and depression (of all kinds), social conflict and interpersonal issues 

        (particularly relevant for adolescents, for workplace difficulties but also for everybody), and emotional disruption 

        and overwhelming situations. 

    I am particularly interested in relationship and marriage counselling, and family counselling including issues for parents.

    I am a Family Consultant to the Family Courts, requiring assessment skills and understanding of 

        parenting, including the effects of family conflict and breakdown on children. I enjoy assisting 

        parents with specific parent-child problems. 

     The approach to therapy is very individual, tailored to the nature of the issues faced. 

         Essentially, my approach is heart centred.  This is a personal growth focus.  It is a focus which

         seeks to assist us to learn from all that troubles us. 

    I am an accredited Breathwork practitioner.  I integrate techniques which can add significant depth 

        to treatment. 

    As a Family Consultant to the Family Courts, I am able to assist with issues arising from 

        litigation in regard to children.

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