Treya Derrington,  Psychologist and Psychotherapist


    My fundamental approach is from depth psychology, a dynamic focus on the forces of the psyche that underlie our reactions, our emotions and to a certain extent our behaviour. 

    I have long felt critical of modern psychology, believing it to be based too often on flawed science.  It has seemed to me that the more correct approach would have included that the actual treatment processes are seen as a craft - very much as unique interactions between the therapist and the patient, with the skills required to maintain the absolute focus on the purpose of the interactions. Within that framework, the enormous range of therapeutic theories, modalities and also clinical assessment tools can be applied. 

    At the core,  all our reactions, and therefore our psychological issues, arise from our history,  intricately interwoven with our nature.  From this point, though there are fundamentally different approaches to treatment. 

    Attachment is a body of theory and clinical ideas about the ways that humans develop relationally, from the time of birth. This therefore contains ways to understand the difficulties that arise in all sorts of relationships as well as patterns of relating in families.  

    These are some of the areas of knowledge that have instructed me:  

Emotional regulation theory,  Attachment theory,   Psychodynamics,  Co-dependency theory,  the intergenerational transmission of trauma,  Traditional and spiritual Breathwork,  Somatisation, ideas around Dissociation.


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